Glenn Anderson The Performance Catalyst Speaker

Glenn Anderson The Performance Catalyst Speaker

Glenn Anderson The Performance Catalyst Speaker Glenn Anderson The Performance Catalyst Speaker Glenn Anderson The Performance Catalyst Speaker

Glenn Receives award from share IT organization

Glenn Anderson and SHARE President Justin Bastian

The John R. Ehrman Award for Sustained Excellence in Technical Education

  • At SHARE I was very proud and honored to receive their John Ehrman Award for Sustained Technical Excellence, to recognize my decades of presenting for their conferences. This award was established to recognize an outstanding body of contribution to SHARE’s technical program. It honors those who have provided the content of SHARE’s technical program, by delivering high qualitypresentations, contributing to strategic white papers and ongoing task forces, championing technical activities, and sharing technical expertise at a high level. There are two aspects of the award that must be satisfied:  the demonstration of exceptional technical competence and knowledge, and the effective sharing of that competence and knowledge with fellow SHARE participants over time. 

NewEra Announces a Monthly Presentation Series

"Up Your Game" with Glenn Anderson

You have influence, and it impacts everything and everyone around you. Invest 30 minutes each month with former IBM consultant Glenn Anderson and grow your professional skills. Effective leaders of the future will require robust soft skills such as collaboration, change leadership, presentation and communication skills. According to a study by Deloitte, 92% of executives rate the soft skills of their teams as a critical priority for operating in today's dynamic business environment. Join Glenn each month for this continuing series — and "Up Your Game!"

Our First Topic: "Let's Change How We Think About Change"

This webcast is sponsored by NewEra Software, Inc.


People are talking about glenn!


Gifted natural speaker....

Experienced and recognized.....

Experienced and recognized.....

“Glenn Anderson is the most gifted natural speaker I have ever seen. Any success I have achieved in public speaking is due, in large part, to listening and learning from Glenn. He is that rare public speaker that makes complex material both clear and easy to understand”

 -John Baker, IntelliMagic


Experienced and recognized.....

Experienced and recognized.....

Experienced and recognized.....

“I have worked with Glenn Anderson as both an instructor for IBM and as a program manager for IBM technical events. As a speaker, Glenn was constantly one of the highlight speakers at all our events for both keynotes and event breakout sessions. His knowledge and humor helped to always make our events a great success.”

-  Maurice McCullough,  IBM World-wide Events Program Manager


Terrific host and MC....

Experienced and recognized.....

Terrific host and MC....

"Glenn has an engaging speaking style. He communicates clearly and with great humor. Always prepared and knowledgeable with a dynamic delivery and winsome manner, he strikes an instant rapport with any audience."

-  Steve Story, Senior Pastor, Windy City Community Church

About Glenn Anderson

Glenn Anderson, now retired from IBM, was a Managing Consultant with IBM Systems Lab Services and Training.  During his 45 years with IBM, Glenn held positions in sales and support, management, technical training, conference speaking and event planning.  

Glenn holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the Missouri University of Science and Technology. In his private life, Glenn is active in the Chicago area theater as a member of an improvisational acting troupe and is a graduate of the Player’s Workshop of Second City. He has also performed original stand-up comedy, both in local clubs and occasionally on the conference stage.

Glenn Anderson is a personal development speaker, keynote speaker and conference host at events throughout the world. With over 25 years of conference speaking in venues large and small, Glenn is experienced, knowledgeable and entertaining. 

Glenn has helped hundreds of people with their professional development, effective public speaking and communicating, collaboration, and change leadership.