Sample Keynotes and Coaching topics


 Let’s Change How We Think About Change: The Rise of a Unicorn

 Yes, and: How Collaboration Increases Performance

 Mind-Numbing vs Mind-Blowing: How to Energize Your Presentation

Glenn's Breakout Presentations


How Not to be Boring: Public Speaking Basics

Presentations are enjoyable and effective when the speaker shares their passion and energy with the audience. Standing in front of an audience with a projector and some PowerPoint, how exactly is that accomplished? As a speaker, you have power! Drawing on experiences speaking around the world as a former IBM instructor and conference presenter, along with improvisation and comedy club experience, Glenn Anderson will focus this session on the basics of developing and delivering technical material. Topics range from strong titles to proper amount of content to effective use of PowerPoint charts. For more on delivery, check out Glenn's second presentation on energy and more public speaking basics. 

It's All About Energy: More Public Speaking Basics

Join former IBM instructor and long time conference speaker Glenn Anderson as he continues the discussion on what makes an outstanding technical presentation. The focus of this session is on your technique in front of the audience - body language, voice and movement, handling questions, using a microphone, and what happens when things go wrong. And something will go wrong! Bring your questions, experiences and ideas, and let's explore together the characteristics of a great presentation. This session is a continuation of Glenn's first session on public speaking basics. 

Let's Change How We Think About Change

As dealing with change becomes a regular business activity, leading change becomes a skill to develop and master. Adapting your business in today's world of “always on” transformation can actually be invigorating instead of exhausting. Join longtime conference speaker and former IBM consultant Glenn Anderson for this enlightening look at organizational transformation. Don't try to avoid the chaos, manage it by understanding the Satir Change Curve Model. Empathy and perspective are the keys to success!

Are You Still Confusing? 14 Tricks for Connecting and Communicating

Are you a confusing communicator? Do you feel like you are trying your best to communicate, but no one seems to understand you? Miscommunication and an absence of understanding can result in problems large and small. Join longtime IBM conference speaker Glenn Anderson on a journey to connect and communicate more effectively. Glenn has been communicating all his life as an IBM instructor and speaker, and part-time improv actor. He will share his ideas and tips in this entertaining and useful session.

Increase Collaboration with Just Two Words!

Yes, And. Two words that form the foundation for the rules of performing good improvisational comedy. These same rules used in the business world can improve collaboration. Who knew? Along with his former career at IBM, conference speaker Glenn Anderson enjoyed a second life as an improvisational actor. Trained at Chicago's famous Players Workshop of Second City, Glenn spent many years performing improvisational comedy every week at a club in Chicago. Laugh and learn from Glenn, and let's apply "Yes And" thinking to your 


Think Agile is Just for Programmers? Let's Create a More Agile Enterprise

Application programmers and developers talk at lot these days about agile development and continuous deployment of new applications. Can these same IT concepts be extended to the continuous adaptability of your business? This is what defines an agile enterprise. Let's do some creative and agile thinking in this entertaining and thought provoking session. Join longtime conference speaker and former IBM consultant Glenn Anderson as he explores the characteristics of an agile enterprise.